Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ecology Report,Durian Valley of USM

Report by,
Nurharyati Husna Bt Mohd Khalid(102144)
BST 203-Population and Community Ecology
Explorations to Durian Valley in USM and introduced to Eco-Hub USM.
1.To observe the green parts of trees and organism living in the Durian Valley of USM.
2.To learn how to reuse the unuseful area into conserved area for our sustainable ecosystem.
Populations are members of a species interact in group in a specific area.Community is a populations of different species living and interacting in an area.Ecosystem is a community interacting with its physical environment of matter and energy.
In most natural populations individuals vary slightly in their genetic make-up,thus they do not all look or act alike.This is known as genetic diversity.Habitat is where these populations lives.
Having many different species appears to increase the sustainability of many communities.Communities with more species tend to have a higher net primary production(NPP) and can be more resilient than simpler ones.
Human activities are disrupting ecosystem services that support and sustain all life and economies.Ecologist says that undisturbed systems are not always in equilibrium or balance does not always mean they are unimportant parts of the earth’s natural capital that help promote ecosystem sustainability.Therefore,scientist have developed a number of ways to rehabilitate and restore degraded ecosystems and created artificial ecosystem.
Ecological restorations is the process of repairing damage caused by human to the biodiversity and dynamics of ecosystems.Restoration trying to return a particular degraded habitat or ecosystem to a condition as similar as possible to its natural state.Rehabilitation is attempting to turn a degrade habitat or ecosystem back into a functional or useful ecosystem without trying to restore it to its original condition.Creating artificial ecosystems is an examples is the creation of artificial wetlands to help reduce flooding and to treat sewage.
We went into Durian Valley,to see the green parts of the USM that is build to conserved the ecosystem and becoming habitats for flora and fauna.Amazingly,before Durian Valley is build the land is unused.Thus,this unsused land is rehabilitation into Durian Valley that conserved many biodiversity of organisms,and also there are species that are introduced in this Durian Valley.Our Cancellor(USM Cancellor),Prof Dzulkifli ambition he says,
USM will set its vision of a sustainable tomorrow while keenly promoting values such as equity, accessibility, availability, affordability and quality as the optimal endpoints.Concomitantly, USM will embrace the protection of the ecosystem,the conservation and restoration of resources as well as the development of human and intellectual capitals for this purpose. USM will position itself to facilitate in meeting existing (e.g., Millennium Development Goals) andother future global aspirations towards the upliftment of the billions trapped at the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid
We gather at Eco-Hub to hear briefing about the importance of Durian Valley and to conserved our ecosystem,certainly,Our Durian Valley is helping the birds populations to grow and we diversity of birds can be found in USM as we conserved the ecosystems.It is greatful to see the pictures of birds that were captured in the USM area.
Ecologist develop mathematical and other models to stimulate the behavior of ecosystems.First,ecologist need baseline data on the ecosystem to see how the ecosystem change and develop effective strategies for preventing or slowing their degradation.We need system measurement to define objectives,identify and inventory variables.Then,obtain baseline data on variables.
Data analysis is done to make statistical analysis of relationships among variables.We are able to determine significant interactions.System modeling by constructing mathematical model describing interactions among variables.
Durian Valley is one of the method to conserved our ecosystem,and USM will conserved living organism from extinction.This is a very good planning for sustainable development.

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